April 15, 2018

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QUESTION: How do I know the Middle Georgia Game Trailer game truck can come to my house?
ANSWER: Our drivers are excellent and can go nearly anywhere. As long as your driveway or street isn’t a very sharp hill, we can come. Otherwise, you can divert us to a nearby park, church or parking lot! We need up to 60 feet of cleared space (as flat as possible).

QUESTION: Where does the Game Trailer Park?
ANSWER: In most neighborhoods we simply park at the curb in front of the house.  For houses with longer driveways or large yards we are open to parking in the driveway or yard. 

QUESTION: How many kids should I invite to my party / How many can play at one time?
ANSWER: While we can technically play up to 29 players at one time, for birthday parties we recommend 10-15 kids so that they can play whatever they want and still get ample time to play.  For schools, Churches, and public events we recommend groups of less than 25 in intervals of at least 15 mins for small children moving to groups of 15 for 30 min intervals as the kids are closer to middle school age.

QUESTION: Will the kids know what to do?
ANSWER: We bring our Game Coach so there’s no doubt! He helps the kids along, inspires and instructs. We make sure it’s the party of the year!

QUESTION: Should I be concerned about the types of games for kids?
ANSWER: Simply let the Game Coach know your concerns and we will address them on an individual basis and will make inappropriate games unavailable.

QUESTION: What about bad weather?
ANSWER: We come rain, shine, chilly days or nights or over 100 degrees — we are climate controlled! As long as it is safe for us to drive.

QUESTION: What time should I make the party?
ANSWER: We suggest that you tell your guests that the party is one hour or half-hour before our arrival time — that way they eat first and they all see the grand arrival of our mobile video game theater!

QUESTION: What time will you arrive?
ANSWER: We will arrive approximately 15 minutes prior in order to set-up and rest assured, our door will be open for your guests by the start of your party time!

QUESTION: Do I request certain games?
ANSWER: No need. We always bring our full game library to every event and your Game Coach will listen to, make suggestions and evaluate your needs to make your event successful. 

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for the party in advance?
ANSWER: Our reservations go quickly. In order to reserve your date, once confirmed, you must pay online. For non-profit/civic entities who must pay in a different manner (purchase order, etc.) please contact us.

QUESTION: What type of Fundraising can we do with a mobile game theater?
ANSWER: We can set up tournament-style or general-style gaming to help raise money for an event or simply to just have fun with a large group of people.

QUESTION: Where can I view your official policies?
ANSWER: You can view them here.

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