April 15, 2018

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Middle Georgia Game Trailer serves the greater Warner Robins area, as well as Houston County, Twiggs County, Peach County, Dooly County, and Bibb County.  Our service area includes Middle Georgia towns and cities like Kathleen, Bonaire, Perry, Warner Robins, Centerville, Cochran, Byron, Fort Valley, Macon, Jeffersonville and Montezuma.

We serve a 30-mile “Primary Service Area” from our location in Kathleen, Georgia.

Beyond 30 miles from us, we serve our “Secondary Service Area” of up to 150 miles.  We charge a Travel Surcharge (based on your distance from us) for areas outside our 30-mile Primary Service Area.  See the chart below for these amounts.

Please use this link to google maps to calculate driving distance, then see chart below.  Simply put in the address of the event as your starting location.

Effective January 1st 2019

Distance from Us                    Travel Surcharge
0-30 Miles                                    No Surcharge
31-40 Miles                                  $25 Surcharge
41-50 Miles                                  $50 Surcharge     
51-60 Miles                                  $75 Surcharge   
61-70 Miles                                  $100 Surcharge   
71-80 Miles                                  $125 Surcharge    
81-90 Miles                                  $150 Surcharge 
91-100 Miles                               $175 Surcharge 
101-110 Miles                            $220 Surcharge 
111-120 Miles                            $265 Surcharge 
121-130 Miles                            $310 Surcharge 
131-140 Miles                            $355 Surcharge 
141-150 Miles                            $400 Surcharge 
Beyond 150 Miles?                    Contact Us and we’ll see if we can come to you!

Special travel rates may be negotiated for all day or multi day events.

For Distances more than 80 Miles it might be in your best interest to look for a Game Trailer closer to you. There are Owners in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, and Savannah that all have Trailers listed on the same National Booking Site that we use.  

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